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The Drums perform the song “Days” at the 4Knots Music Festival July 14th 2012. 4Knots is an annual free outdoor concert that is sponsored by The Village Voice… Review below

The Drums were in a playful mood on saturday with lead singer Jonathan Pierce divulging origins behind songs and engaging in playful banter with the crowd. Pierce told the crowd at the start of the set that this show was the first they have played in a while adding to the crowds already frenetic energy due to a large fire that broke out on the pier some hours before causing a delay. But true fans were patient and once the surf-rock chords began wafting through the air they couldn’t help but move their feet. Throughout the set Pierce, who was in a talkative mood, gave intros and brief histories behind his songs. “Best Friends” Pierce told the crowd “is a song about a friend of mine who has long since passed away. But it’s not a sad song. When I sing it, it makes me smile.” Pierce delivered a shout out to California band The Crocodiles and lead singer Brandon Welchez who played a killer set right before. Pierce also mentioned their past tour with the now broken up “Girls” and hinted at how influential the west coast band had been on their sound and lamented over their break up.

"Days" is one of my favorite songs off The Drums new album "Portamento". for me it perfectly encapsulates the summer beach rock vibe. Pierce singing "days go by" reminds us of summer days slipping through our fingers in a blur of beach fire BBQs and chasing fireflies through fields slightly drunk with out best friends and lovers. When he says "We were just wasting time", we really feel it, wasting time listening to chill bass lines and smooth guitar chords totally without a care in the world.

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